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Port of Rijeka

  • The port of Rijeka is the largest seaport in Croatia, second economic center and third largest Croatian city.
    The history of this city and port reveals that, by its strategical position, it was always regarded as an important gateway to the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.
  • Today, Rijeka is dedicating all its abilities to revive and reinforce its role of a competitive link with the European countries in an effort to cope with other North Adriatic ports which are experiencing considerable growth of the container traffic on its sea route from the Far East ports to the central European markets. In only few years,
    the container traffic of the Rijeka port has been increased, from modest 15.0000 to 170.000 containers.
  • As foreseen in the new Master Plan, the number of container handled in the port of Rijeka will exceed 600.000 by 2020. This projection of cargo traffic calls for the construction of new adequate capacities for modern cargo operations.
  • The Port of Rijeka is a multi-purpose port facility capable of handling almost any type of cargo.

The port system operates within the Kvarner Bay at the following locations:

  1. Rijeka – conventional general cargo, grain and phosphate terminal, fruit terminal
  2. Rijeka – passenger terminal
  3. Sušak – container terminal, conventional general cargo, timber
  4. Bakar – bulk cargo terminal, Ro-Ro terminal
  5. Raša – Bršica – livestock terminal, timber terminal and hinterland warehouse Štalije
  6. Škrljevo – hinterland warehouses
  7. Omišalj – oil terminal